Community Impact

How Entrepreneurs Can Engage in Elections

As an entrepreneur, you have deep roots and investment in your community. And our local economies rely on the success of businesses like yours. As you strive to make a difference through your business, it’s important to engage in local and state elections. What happens in these elections – who gets elected and what measures get passed – have the most direct and visible impact on small businesses like yours. Here are some ways you can engage in the upcoming elections.   

Cast Your Ballot

First and foremost, make sure you are registered to vote and that you cast your ballot. If you know election day is a busy day in your business and you can’t take the time off to go to the polls, you have the option of absentee or early voting. Check your government websites to find out the deadlines and how you can vote ahead of time.  

Encourage Your Workers to Vote

A large number of workers report that they do not vote because they have a work conflict. You can make it easier for your workers by encouraging them to register to vote, sharing information about absentee and early voting, and even offering paid time off to vote on election day. 

Help Your Customers Access Voting Information

Whether it’s in your shop or on social media, you have the opportunity to share voting information with your customers. This can be as simple as a reminder to vote on social media or in the window of your shop. Or, it can take the form of using your physical space to support local organizers in getting the word out. 

Include the Election in Your Marketing Plans

Showing that your business is civically engaged can be good for business. You can drive traffic to your store by offering a discount on election day to people who show up with their “I voted” stickers. Or, you can get more elaborate by creating a special election day product or your own election day polls around your products.