Community Impact

Support Small Businesses this Holiday Season

As we approach the end of this year, let us not forget how important the holiday season is for our beloved local small businesses. Given that many are already stretched so thin, we would like to share a few ways you can impact your community this holiday season.

There is no question that businesses need our dollars to stay afloat, but they also need our engagement, encouragement, and promotion. We believe support exists on a spectrum. There is no right or wrong way, and there are many possibilities. Here are some creative ways you can support your favorite businesses.

Share on Social

If you are active on social media, find your favorite local small businesses on social. Be sure to like their profiles and engage with their posts. Share your love for them by writing your own post and tagging them. The more we engage on social media with our local small businesses, the more traction they can get with the algorithms, be seen by more people, and gain more sales.

Write a Review

Show appreciation for your favorite local small businesses by writing a positive review on sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook, and others. In addition to promoting the businesses, your  positive reviews may provide business owners with much needed encouragement to keep going during these challenging times. 

Buy a Gift Card

Many of us are not able to see our family and friends for the holidays. Let them know you are thinking about them by purchasing a gift card from one of their favorite local restaurants or shops. Buying a gift card helps provide local, small businesses with necessary upfront cash flow while allowing your family and friends to choose their own adventure.

Shop Local Markets

Many local makers and artists rely on in-person holiday markets for sales. This holiday season, these markets are ramping back up. Swing by your local markets for unique shopping experiences with your favorite local makers and artists.

Shop Local Online

Understandably, some of us are still concerned about shopping in person this holiday season and have turned to online shopping. Instead of going straight to Amazon for your gift ideas, check out the online stores of favorite local retailers, makers, and artists for more unique shopping experiences. Many of your local, small businesses are offering delivery across the country as well as curbside pickup for local shoppers. 

Buy Black

When you buy from a Black-owned business, you are not only investing in that specific business, you are also investing in the Black community. You can find Black-owned businesses by checking out local and national directories of Black-owned businesses and various markets, fairs, and festivals going on in your local community.